About Scáth is a Dutch Angel Dragon, a species created by Ino / Telephone. You can read more about the Dutchies at DutchAngelDragons.com.

He's something of a reformed "lost" Dutchie from the Abyss. Hence his coloring is mostly dark gray and black, though with orange flashes and highlights to mark his return to a happier place.

Some common questions Scáth receives:

Q: Are you Radio?
A: No. Radio is another Dutchie played by Telephone's husband Cerros. While he's also gray in color, they're different furballs!

Q: How do you pronounce "Scáth"?
A: It's pronounced "Sk-oh" or "Scar" without the "R". It's a Gaelic word meaning "Shadow". He doesn't mind if you call him "Scath".

Q: Why doesn't Scáth speak?
A: He almost never says anything while in character. He squeaks. Most often he can answer simple questions with squeaks and gestures, but if you're looking for extensive conversation, it's best to find him out of suit! That's just the way the character was created.

Q: How does Scáth make his squeaky sounds?
A: He uses a custom made squeaker. It is not a squeaky toy, a mouth reed, or any of the other common methods used by most fursuiters. This was done so he'd sound a little more unique.

Q: How does Scáth's halo work?
A: It's a custom made light ring. He usually wears it at night. This is another unique aspect of Scáth.

Q: Is Scáth male? Female? Other?
A: While Dutch Angel Dragons have no specific sex, they tend to take on the characteristics of their performers. Hence, Scáth is male to all intents and purposes.

Q: Can I have a hug or a photo?
A: Almost always yes. Scáth loves meeting new furs and playing around in general. The only exception is if he's running somewhere as he is probably either late for an event, or overheating.

Q: Can I boop his nose?
A: Sure. But please do so gently. Being rough with the dragon is not only hard on the performer, but on the very expensive costume as well.

Q: How can I meet Scáth?
A: Visit one of the conventions he's attending! Scáth travels all over the US and attends many furcons every year. To find him at a convention, follow @ScathDragon on twitter as his whereabouts are usually announced there.

Q: On no! I stepped on his tail!
A: It happens. Scáth appreciates it if you avoid doing so.

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